Thursday, May 2, 2013

Finding out

The day we found out our lives would change was definitely memorable. Yesterday marked one year since I had found out that we were having a baby.

This was the third month that we had been trying to have a baby. I was getting quite impatient. I am not sure if I can say that the tea I had been drinking chugging that month was the reason why I got pregnant, but who cares! I was pregnant!

That morning, May 1st, 2012, I was upset. My alarm, for some reason, had never been set, and I literally had like 15 minutes to get ready for work. I took the test, because they say to do it in the morning, and I barely took the time to wait for the results. Nothing showed up after a few minutes, so I tossed the test. I went to work and my day went as usual.

Throughout the day, I kept wondering if maybe something could have shown up on the test after I had thrown it away. I went home and decided I would check. There was a teeny tiny faint little line...I told myself not to get too excited, it was probably just a moisture mark and nothing more. I told Jon about it and we decided I should take the test again.

I took the test again that afternoon, and sure enough, the line was even darker this time. I was pregnant. I went out to the living room to Jon (half asleep on the couch), showed him the test, and said, "Well I guess we know for sure." He smiled, said something about how he was happy,...and fell asleep... I sat there in all my bliss and happiness, and he had fallen asleep! Weren't we supposed to jump for joy, start picking out names, and talk about our future little family? Nope, apparently it was nap time...

To be fair, Jon is an amazing father and husband. He was super excited for the baby, and so supportive during my entire pregnancy. I am talking about getting massages all the time, coming with me to every appointment with my midwife, and running out at midnight to get me raspberries or Sweet Tarts when the craving struck. He is also absolutely amazing with Adalyn. He loves her so much, and would do anything for her. Still, I love to give him crap about it. :)
Jon and I a few months later, celebrating our wedding anniversary.

That evening was incredibly difficult for us. We agreed that we would not tell anyone right away, and we were visiting Jon's dad in the hospital (after hip surgery). His whole family was there, we had this wonderful news, and we couldn't share!

We made it through the night without spilling the beans, and we went home to let the news settle in...We were going to be parents.

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