Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day

Tomorrow is my very first Mother's Day as a mommy. Jon has to do some training tomorrow to become a camp counselor (bad timing, but definitely not his choice). I am looking forward to sleeping in--Jon will play with Adalyn when she wakes up in the morning, not having to change any diapers (before Jon has to leave for the training, anyway), breakfast made for me, and spending the entire day with the beautiful little being that made me become a mom. :)

 I am so grateful for every day that I have with Adalyn and Jon, and tomorrow will be a reminder of how lucky I to have so many special people in my life. My Mother's Day gift was a jogging stroller, which hopefully tomorrow will not be too cold to take out for a stroll--May in Wisconsin, anyone?
Adalyn chilling in the new jogging stroller as we head out for a walk.
 I also got a little something special from Adalyn as well. Okay, so I had to help make my gift, but I will still cherish it forever. :)
Made using a tile, acrylic paint, and Sharpies. We did this at our Baby and Me group at the local Hospital. It only took a few tries to get this squirmy baby to put down a good footprint...
I still haven't decided what exactly we will do tomorrow, but I am sure Adalyn and I can find something fun to do.

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