Friday, May 17, 2013

Just another day at the Howard residence

Well, today was quite a stressful day. We have been having issues with the realty agency that has been trying to sell this house. I think it would bother me less if it were actually our house that we were trying to sell...instead we are renting the place.

We have dealt with our landlords trying to sell this place ever since we moved in, over three years ago, but this year has definitely been the worst. It is like the realty agency finally decided to go full-force with their showings this year. We have dealt with multiple showings in any given week, agents who don't take off their shoes and tramp through our home on a rainy day, failure to give 24-hour notice of a showing, agents who show up even without our permission, and the company calling late at night to schedule a showing--even after they have been told multiple times not to call after 7 pm...

Well, of course today was another reason for them to show how little they care about other people. After a conversation with the real estate agent yesterday, it was agreed upon that the inspection for today would start in the other unit (we are in a duplex). We explained that we had a four-month-old baby that we couldn't take out of the house for four hours like they had wanted. We were told that it would be alright if we left once the inspector came to our unit, sometime around 10 am.

At 8:30 this morning, I received a phone call complaining that we were still in the unit...Gee Mr. Realtor, thank you so much for letting the inspector know that we would be in our home until he was ready to inspect our unit...Oh, and also, thank you sooooooooo very much for not notifying us of the actual time that the house would be inspected! Don't worry, it's only five hours now, not four...Oh and you absolutely cannot be in your home during the inspection. Now, this might be common knowledge for people who are used to having inspections, but in our case, it is not.

I am still boiling over their complete disrespect. Of course, it won't matter anyway. Either the people interested in purchasing the house will have realized today that there needs to be way too much work done on the house to be worth the price (the place was built in the 1920's...I'm pretty sure it is the same electric wiring throughout the house...Come on...) and we will have to deal with the continuing charade of rude realtors tramping through our home, or they will purchase the house, jack up the rent (we got really lucky to be living in this large of a place for the amount we pay), and we will be forced to move.

.....My rant for the day.

On a lighter note, I have to admit how incredibly surprised and happy I have been today by Adalyn. Normally, when her schedule is disrupted so much (especially her nap), she becomes VERY crabby. She didn't even cry when putting her in her car seat to go shopping--this is very big, because even when she is well-rested, she still hates being put in her car seat. This is definitely one proud momma. A day that was already stressful to begin with could have been easily made more stressful had Adalyn been upset and crying. Thank you, Adalyn... :)
After a stressful day and a good nap, Adalyn has one of her many great conversations with her finger puppet (Princess Puppet, as I call her)--finger in the puppet, not required.

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