Saturday, June 8, 2013

Nursing pad update

I have updated how I make my nursing pads. 

I found that the material I use works quite well for my needs, but the shape of the pads are a bit awkward. 

They would bunch up in my bra and leave weird lines...

So, I decided to make them contoured.

At first, I only cut one triangle in the nursing pad, to contour one side. This still ended up making my nursing pads look pretty weird in my bra...

So then, I would cut triangle shapes on opposite sides of the pad. (The pad is already sewn together).

I would then sew the triangles shut.


Apparently, the needle can sometimes get bent if you are not careful...

Sewing the nursing pads with the contours did take more steps to complete, but it was definitely worth it. I no longer have weird bulges... :)

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