Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Adalyn's first 4th of July

Adalyn had a lot of firsts last week.

She had her first big trip in the car, her first vacation at my parents' cabin, her first time swimming in the lake my grandparents live on, and her first time seeing fireworks.

Whew...it was a busy weekend...

I was very nervous about our trip up to the cabin. Adalyn can barely handle a 30 minute trip over to my parents' house. This was a 3 hour car ride...

Ready to go!
She did amazingly well. Just like everything that girl does... :)

After about 40 minutes in the car, she fell asleep. We were about an hour and a half from the cabin when we stopped to eat, diaper change, etc., and then on the road again!

Adalyn was ready to be out of the car when we were about 30 minutes away from the cabin, and she was very vocal about her opposition to being in the car seat.

Finally, we arrived. 

She did a great job being away from home for 3 days. We swam in the lake (well, dipped her toes in--it's a cold lake, even in July...), we spent the day in town shopping, played at the park, and of course, watch the fireworks on the 4th. 

Enjoying the lake.
 Adalyn loved the fireworks...okay, okay, so we really could not tell how she felt about the fireworks. 

Her facial expression did not change the entire time.
Even after the fireworks...
We thought maybe she was a little tired during the fireworks...but then she went back to the cabin and told Grandma all about them.

It was a great little vacation, even with the crazy amount of mosquitoes. P.S. My awesome homemade insect repellent was not so awesome. Back to the drawing board with that one...

Adalyn and Mommy enjoying the fireworks.
Adayln has also had a diaper rash for some time. We have no idea why it will not go away. We have questioned every possibility. Yeast infection? Heat rash? Allergy? 

It doesn't look like what a typical yeast infection is described to look like. I thought maybe it was a food allergy, but again, it doesn't look like how it is described. I think it is probably a heat rash. It has been quite warm lately, and the poor girl had what looked like hives on her tummy. :( She has also been trying to itch the rash. 

Normal diaper creams do not work for her. In fact, any diaper cream with zinc oxide in it only makes the rash worse. Other creams and Aquaphor have not helped, so we have been using cornstarch powder. It seems to be working well. We also put a pause on using cloth diapers, and have been using disposable diapers until we can get rid of the rash. 

If it does not go away soon, we will be taking a trip to the doctor to hopefully get rid of the darn rash.

Adalyn did a great job riding back home. In fact, she was awake for about 30 minutes, and then slept the entire way home

I absolutely believe that it was the little fan that we purchased while we were at the cabin, and had blowing on her during the ride home.

The night we got home, we went to a neighboring town's festival for more fireworks. 

More fireworks!
Still have no idea how she feels about them...

It was a great weekend, and we feel so blessed to have such a wonderful little girl. We are very excited to celebrate more firsts for Adalyn!

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