Friday, August 30, 2013

As Summer turns to Fall...

As the week comes to a close, I am reminded that summer, too, is coming to a close. 

I had a great friggen amazing summer.

A fun day walking the trails by the Kinni.

This would be thanks to wonderful family, friends, an amazing husband, and that little one that made me want to start a blog in the first place. 

Daddy and Ady!
I am sad to see summer go away. Jon, Adalyn, and I had so much fun. I was definitely spoiled, being at home with Adalyn. 

My first official class of the semester was on Tuesday. My first official day as an intern will start next Friday. Nervous? To say the least.

My decision to go to school part-time was not easy to come by. There are pros and cons to my decision, no matter what way I go. 

I could stay at home, and never finish my degree, but that just does not feel right to me, especially knowing how close I am to graduation. 

I could also stay at home, with the intent to go back to school in a few years. But, come on. A lot of life happens in just a few years. Things change.

Working 40 hours a week just seems like too much time away from Adalyn. 

Too much fun with this girl, I tell ya.
I know, I know. Many moms out there do it. And props to you if you do, and can handle the work-home life balance.

I just need to dip my toes in a little to test the water. I cannot jump right in. 

I am thankful that I have had support in my decision (especially from Jon!). I am also thankful to have had the courage to make my own decision and not let others push me into doing something I do not want to do.

I may feel a little twinge this December when most of my cohort graduates, but graduating in the Spring will work out just fine.

Interning part-time seems like the best option for me because I will only be working 4 hours per day. I will get my internship done, albeit at a slower pace, but I will also have more time to watch my little one grow. 

And growing she is! 
Adalyn after the local Baby Show. She won the award for "Cutest Button Nose."
I cannot believe everything that girl is doing these days! She keeps Mom and Dad on their toes!

It seems like the past two weeks Adalyn has gone through a huge spurt of development. (And of course, what are spurts of development without disrupted sleep patterns?? YAY!.....) She is now crawling, pulling herself up (yup the crib mattress has been officially lowered...), and holding herself up while standing. 

She cries "Momma" when she is upset. Ironically, she says "Dada" an awful lot when she is happy... I think Dad has been secretly training her... ;)

Adalyn gives hugs and kisses now! Although, when she gives kisses, you end up with drool all over your face, but it is so cute that it makes it totally worth it! 

She waves to people. She can clap her hands!

This girl is non-stop amazement. 


Adalyn has been trying a huge variety of foods these days. She is a big fan of brown rice, veggies (especially cucumbers!), and ANY kind of meat. 

7 months old! Where has the time gone?!?!
To say the least, this summer has been busy. 

I look forward to Adalyn's first experiences with Fall and Winter. And Halloween. And Christmas. And her first birthday...Oh. Em. Gee. We have a lot to look forward to!

Here's to doing what you love, loving those you enjoy, and enjoying every single day you live. :)

Hehehe. Oh, Ady.

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